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Dear Reader.
Should you be interested in helping our poor agonizing Planet Earth, which is in need of more care and vegetation,
see how our friends in Germany are doing a great job, informing our World population, for the URGENT need of donations in order to achieve their goal. They can be found as quick as a click below, which will take you to our Green Page. 
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Thank you, and may you have a New Year enjoying excellent Health.

The main objective of our NGO, is to re-create what once upon a time, was a beautiful Green Area, on the Southern coast of Peru.

We intend erecting Fog Collectors, in order to start the natural chain reaction between Trees and Fog, which in a very short time, will produce an abundant and natural supply of fresh water both for expanding our Green Area, as well as supplying the neighboring town of Matarani, which at present has a very limited daily supply.

 Our Project will be sustainable, restoring the now absent, animal and bird life, and indirectly giving work to the local people. It will help enormously to the bettering of our environment, our Planet’s health and making better use of our now endangered Water availability.

 It will offer a delightful area for relaxation, by its beauty, peacefulness, and abundant Oxygen supply.  A place where other interested people can learn all about helping Nature and their fellow Humans. An ideal place for taking school children on a daily outing!

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Nuestra misión es la de mejorar la calidad de vida mejorando al Medio Ambiente.
Como van pasando los años, y nos volvemos mas jóvenes, seria de gran ayuda si un grupo de personas, ONG etc. pudieron venir aquí y crear nuestro Proyecto "Paraíso 2000" para nosotros, de esta manera no habría ninguna transacción monetaria de parte de nuestros colaboradores.  Una vez completado el buen trabajo, entregar el Proyecto completo a nuestra ONG, para que podamos continuar desde ese punto, expandiendo nuestro Proyecto y cuidando de su mantenimiento, y recibir personas interesadas en visitar nuestro nuevo Proyecto Ecológico sostenible. 

Por el momento aun seguimos esperando ayuda, para poder adquirir algunos terrenos costeras no habitados de nuestro Gobierno, que gracias a nuestro ONG, ha sido declarada una Zona Natural Protegida.  Nuestro Proyecto se encuentra en la Región de Arequipa, en un lugar lejano, que paz y tranquilidad!

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Non Timber Forest Products (Biological Products) for Sustainable Forests.
Tara (Caesalpina Spinosa) and Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis)
Ideal as new investments, as well as being Sustainable and Environmentally friendly Agricultural Projects.

Para los olvidadisos !!!

One of Arequipa's occasional show-offs! High noon Rainbow (halo) , but ... no  rain! 
Formed on Alto Cirrusstratus cloud. (Plate held to cut out the sun).

One of Arequipa´s very rare but beautiful sun sets
This is the "Plaza de Armas " in
Arequipa, Peru, South America
with dormant volcano " Misti "in the background.

My house in the background will be up for sale sometime. Quiet area. On the main Avenue. Plenty  public transport, NO NOISE An Alarm System fitted to all the house. !!!  ( SEPT. 2019 ).
También en esta misma pagina, Licuadora a 12 voltios CD el cual se enchufa al encendedor del carro, mas, Equipo para Cerco Eléctrico, Funciona con batería de carro 6/12 voltios.Molinos a viento,generando corriente CD 12 voltios.

 Extinct volcano Chachani, N of Arequipa
Click here for more Misti Pics! 
Extinct volcano Pichupichu, E of Arequipa

More/Mas Chivay 1978 Cliquee Aqui-Here

Sad News.
During a peaceful walk through the countryside on the outskirts of Arequipa on August 30th, 2006, our friend and partner Mr. Raul Soto Gutierrez suffered an acute heart attack, having passed over instantly to a better life. Am pleased to say, he enjoyed his last five hours stroll, just listening to the wind, water and birds, an experience he visualized being able to frequently enjoy through the completion of our Project. He now rest in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery, Arequipa. May he now rest in peace. Anthony.

More sad News

My good friend from school class, and one of our
1st. N.G.O. Members, Andres Bedoya Ugarteche,
passed away after a long painful illness,
surrounded by the loving company of his family, last Saturday, 21st. April 2012. He now rests in the Nueva Esperanza cemetery Arequipa. May he now rest in peace. 

 Perhaps you may care to visit THIS Water / Greenup site as well.
Islay, small coastal town which we would like to supply with freshly collected water from the Fog Collecting System.

After so many wasted years, at least our NGO managed to have our Regional Government  declare our Project area as a Protected Area, this only took place recently in the year 2007, but now the area needs rehabilitating with vegetation, as the vegetation you can see, is very intermittent, most years
there is non at all!
This is what the images below would look like head-on, not side-on as photographed.

Different aspects of the proposed first Fog Collector site.

A good alternative, would be for private Agriculture Farmers and or an Industrial Agricultural Company to plant large areas (500 Hectares upwards) of well known productive trees, trees which would yield a very good return for the investor, such the well known Tara  Tara (Caesalpina Spinosa)  which grows very well in the area we have in mind. Has an excellent world market demand.

There is also another highly productive tree, the   Jojoba ( Simmondsia Chinensis ) which also grows very well in our Desert area, producing a very high quality oil, also has a good world market demand.

Jojoba ( Simmondsia Chinensis ) plantation in Ica, Peru.
Castor Oil plant  (Ricinus Communis)
Here is one of many Castor Oil Plant informative web sites.
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First pic: A healthy Tara plantation.  Second pic: Same healthy Tara, fenced in by cacti.  One main use for this plantation is for using and processing its seeds for the Tanning Industry, like the large South American Tanning Coorp. (Silvateam)
Location: 16º 29.474' S  71º 51.64' H  1,490 m.a.s.l.  Tara (Caesalpina Spinosa)
Here are two interesting sites you may care to visit
Ways and means for collecting
 also, please read page three HERE
Ways and means for collecting 
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Wiser Earth Org :

Japan for Sustainability:

Netzrkaft Movement:
Point of view:
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Hello All.  It seems as the years pass by, most of you, my ex-customers have lost my email
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Thank you.  Anthony

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Peliculas antiguas de Mollendo, Peru. Estacion de Ferrocarril, Muelle etc. AQUI

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